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Welcome to VOLKSLiFT, a Germany-based elevator solution provider presenting top-notch cargo lifts, freight elevators, and industrial hoists in Australia. We specialise in providing advanced elevator solutions to meet the diverse needs of factories, warehouses, malls, real estate centres, and industrial settings across Europe and now in Australia as well.

What is a Freight or Cargo Elevator?

A freight elevator, often referred to as a service elevator or cargo elevator, is a lift designed meticulously to transport goods rather than passengers. We understand the importance of reliable and efficient cargo transportation within various industrial environments. Whether you need to move goods horizontally or vertically between floors, our cargo lifts are tailored to meet your exact requirements.

VOLKSLiFT VH Series Cargo Freight Elevators

Our VH Series Cargo Freight Elevators stand as a testament to over 80 years of our expertise in elevator design and manufacturing. Crafted to address the cargo lifting demands of diverse industries, including factories, warehouses, malls, and real estate centres, these elevators offer exceptional performance and security. These are our finest products for lifting goods in any type of industrial scenario. 

Our cargo lifts provide a fast, efficient and safe mechanism to move freight as required. Need to move cargo in a horizontal path or between multiple floors? No problem! Whether you require a freight elevator for indoor or outdoor purposes, or with a specific carrying capacity, the VH Series Cargo Freight Elevators are up for all of these tasks.

Performance and Security: Our Top Priorities

Safety and security are paramount when it comes to cargo transportation. VOLKSLiFT places an unwavering focus on these aspects, and as a result, we exclusively incorporate high-quality German components and materials in the construction of our cargo freight lifts. These elevators are engineered to ensure not only maximum safety but also the capacity to carry heavy loads and withstand the pressures of demanding tasks.

Modern and Intuitive Elevator Solutions

We recognize the necessity for our elevators to excel in challenging environments. Even the slightest engineering oversight can have severe consequences. That’s why VOLKSLiFT leverages modern engineering principles to create cargo lifts that perform flawlessly and consistently, even in the most rigorous conditions.


VOLKSLIFT is more than just a supplier of cargo lifts – we are your partners in efficient vertical transportation solutions. Our comprehensive elevator offerings extend beyond cargo freight lifts, encompassing a wide array of elevator solutions and services. As your all-inclusive platform for cutting-edge elevators, innovative modernisation options, and reliable maintenance services, we are dedicated to delivering excellence in both product and service.

Our Unwavering Commitments


We prioritise the safety of your cargo and personnel through the incorporation of the latest safety features and engineering practices. Our products are also built with only the most premium components and materials with no compromise on quality.

Timely Delivery

We understand the urgency of your projects, and we commit to delivering our elevator solutions on time. As soon as you give us the ‘Go’ signal, we start preparing a detailed plan with an approximate delivery time.

Customer Support

In the words of the late Stephen Hawking, “Perfection just doesn’t exist”. So, in any case of issues or emergencies, we have a dedicated customer support team always ready to address your queries and provide effective solutions.

Premium Solutions

Our expertise doesn’t only include Cargo lifts but all kinds of elevators that you may require. No matter which products you choose, our premium elevator solutions won’t disappoint you.

VOLKSLiFT stands as a trusted name in the Australian elevator industry, providing superior cargo lifts and freight elevator solutions that redefine efficiency and security. We invite you to explore our range of elevators, experience our commitment to quality firsthand, and join us in elevating Australia’s industrial landscape.

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