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Panoramic Elevators in Australia

While elevators have been around for a while now, panoramic ones that offer a full view of the technology in action are the best ones yet. With see-through glass wrapped around the body of the elevator and a panoramic view surrounding it, riding in this elevator feels absolutely magical. 

The concept of elevators has transcended mere functionality to become an integral part of architectural aesthetics. Panoramic elevators, often referred to as glass or see-through elevators, have emerged as iconic structures that redefine the way we experience buildings and the surrounding landscapes.

Volkslift’s Panoramic Elevators

Our panoramic elevators redefine how a lift looks and feels. These elevators are not just modes of getting from one floor to another; they are immersive experiences on their own allowing its visitors to soak themselves in panoramic views. Especially with an emphasis on spectacular design and cutting-edge technology, our glass elevators add drama and visual appeal to any building you add it to.

Transparent & Visually Appealing

Imagine riding an elevator that offers a 360-degree view of your surroundings – the cityscape or the inner section of the building. The transparent glass that surrounds the elevator is not just visually appealing but also physically strong to avoid safety hazards.

Laminated High Safety Glass

The car wall materials are crafted from laminated high safety glass. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, this material also provides radiation protection, ensuring the well-being of passengers.

360-Degree Perspectives

The large-area glass walls offer unobstructed views, transforming your journey into a visual delight.

Functionally Advanced

Our see-through elevators are not only visually cool but also deliver their function. They’re designed with the best-in-class materials to ensure safety, efficiency and flawless functionality. Additionally, the system also features serene sound insulation so when you ascend or descend, there’s no exterior sound to interrupt what you’re doing inside.

Deluxe Experience

Whether you’re considering a 360-degree glass elevator for your residential home or a commercial establishment, VOLKS­LIFT’s panoramic elevators are a luxury worth embracing. These elevators are the best in form and function amplifying the elegance and grandeur of your space.

Your Path to Elevated Australian Living Starts Here

Elevators aren’t something you’d buy every now and then. They are a one-time investment on how you would move around in a building. By choosing VOLKS­LIFT, you’re not merely installing an elevator – you’re investing in an immersive journey that will amaze and inspire you and everyone who takes a ride in it, for years to come. Let’s begin your journey to elevated Australian living right at the heart of your building.


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